Tuesday, November 13, 2012

it can't be mid november already?!?!

greetings all!
well, i'm back.  had a blast pulling out an old costume for halloween, yet somehow managed to miss taking pictures! d'oh!  i'll have to don the outfit here soon and force my hubby to photograph me.... oh, what he does for me :D
let's see here, i'm in the middle of a bunch of projects now (what else is new?) but it also just occurred to me just how little time i have until the winter holiday season!  eep!  this really snuck up on me this year, i mean next week is thanksgiving!  i usually try to do a mostly handmade holiday, but we will see how far i get this year. 
i've started yet another jack skellington hat for myself this year.  this will be jack number three in twice as many years.  i somehow lost my first one.  it just disappeared.  i have no idea where i left it.  none at all.  the second one somehow got mixed up in all the stuff we sent off to goodwill this summer during some minor purging. *sob* well, i hope he went to a good home.  i wore the heck out of those hats!  the previous two i crocheted.  this one is no exception, but i'm going to try and line it in fleece.  winters get cold up here in minnesota!
i'm also starting a fourth doctor scarf,  and i'm knitting it!  this is quite the feat for me (14 feet to be exact ;) i'm not a very accomplished knitter.  i can knit, and purl, and increase and decrease on the sides, but that's about it.  i'm also very s-l-o-w so we shall see how long this project takes.  i'm doing the season 15 version, all in vanna's choice, the pattern and colors can be found here for those interested.
also, i wanted to say that i'm truly amazed at all the positive response to my weeping angel barbie tutorial, and would like to welcome all of the new readers.

well, that may be all i have for now.  i promise to get a post with some pics in here soon!
happy crafting!


  1. I discovered that you can take an old fashioned plastic bristle hair brush and brush the inside of a knitted or crocheted item to make it fleece-like. I do this on the inside of mittens I make for my grandkids, and they love it.

    1. Oh, that's a good idea! I've seen brushed crocheted animal to make them furry, but didn't think about it used this way. I may have to try this. Thanks!