Tuesday, October 30, 2012

update and halloween

well, here i am, emerging from another long silence.  working two jobs and trying to find time to make things and juggle the rest of life left me no time for blogging!  i've now turned those two jobs into one job, and i hope to give more time to this medium. i hope to bring more posts, and some that aren't just project posts.  also i want to say thank you to the amazing phenomenon that is pinterest.  i've been seeing a lot of new faces that have come here because of my weeping angel barbie tutorial.  welcome!  and thanks for stopping by!

it's now my absolute favorite time of year, autumn, and halloween!  i love every part of now, but, as one might guess, making and putting together costumes is my favorite.   the nice thing about being obsessive about costuming for oneself is the backlog of costumes that i've acquired over the years.  this year, for the first time in over a decade, i'll be working on halloween.  we are encouraged to dress up, and it is sure to be a lot of fun!  i didn't have the time this year to make something new, so i went through my backlog to find something comfortable enough to work in.  i'm resurrecting an old faerie costume i made about ten years ago.  i'll post pics later if i remember to get a shot tomorrow, but it's pretty cool if i do say so myself.  it's a skirt and top made entirely of giant fabric oak leaves.  how giant?  i have long sleeves, each made of one leaf a piece. topped with an acorn hat made out of felt.  i ended up making each of the leaves individually, then sewing them together the best way i could see in order to make the outfit as if the faerie just found a bunch of leaves and made her outfit out of them.  looking back, i see the seeds of the ideas i brought to my first faerie dolls, and have applied to many of them ever since.  it's funny how you don't realize at the time that this is something linked, but everything you've done before informs what you do now, whether overtly or not. 

well, i think this is all for tonight,
happy haunting!

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