Thursday, August 26, 2010

fairies wear boots

"Fairies wear boots and now you gotta believe me
Yeah I saw it, I saw it
I tell you no lie"
-Black Sabbath

well, i don't know about others, but this faerie sure does!

look who i found in my backyard today! she was just sitting there at the foot of a tree. she looked so sad sitting there, i stopped to say hi and invited her into the house for some milk and honey, i told her she could meet a new friend.... she agreed, albeit reluctantly....

you see, i've been terrible with my housecleaning lately.... so much so that i discovered another resident of the house.....

a cobweb elf!

the two of them seemed to get along swimmingly, here they are waiting for me to come out of the kitchen:

after our snack they decided to run rampant around the house, causing trouble like only the fair folk can! the animals went crazy! sadly, the dog scared them so much with her barking that they swiftly ran out!

i still see both of them on occasion, and remember to leave out milk, honey and yarn scraps.... for some reason faeries seem to love yarn scraps..... at least those that hang around my crafty household ;)

the details:

the cobweb elf's dress is made of chiffon that i've burned with a lighter to get a cobwebby appearance. it is also hand beaded with glass seed beads to simulate a "dew on a spiderweb" feel.

her wristlets are made of faux leather (as are her eyes) and stitched with embroidery floss.

in these two photos of her wristlet you can also see her spider web knee tattoo

she has spiders in her hair, but she doesn't mind... they just keep it tied up nicely! i made these little guys out of polymer clay.

here are two shots of the faerie's wings. as you can see they are slightly two different colors on the fronts and backs (much like some butterflies and moths) they are filled with polyfil and needle sculpted. wings you can still hug :D

part of her knitted "sweater" (i wanted it to look like she just found a piece of knitted fabric and fashioned a top out of it)

and her skirt of leaves!

and a close up of one of the boots. the boots are made of flannel and lined with felt. they have leather laces. you can also slightly see her needle sculpted knee in this pic.

a close up of the stitching on her wristlet. these wristlets are made of the same felt used to line her boots

these two little ladies will be posted on my etsy site soon!

thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

making faeries, making faeries :D

meet the "rebigulated" faerie i made a couple of years ago. as you can see she used to be very small: she's wearing an acorn cup hat, she apparently found a small knitted piece to make her top out of, and she sewed her skirt herself, complete with a button (see second picture)

i decided to pull out this pattern and tweak it a bit. i plan on making several of these, perhaps not all "rebigulated" but i still like that idea....

this third picture is two blanks i created from the same pattern..... including my changes....

here is one with (untrimmed) hair, ears, and needle sculpted fingers (i'm actually not sure if i like the needle sculpted hands with the simple face.... we shall see)

and here you can see her needle sculpted knees :)

and here's a pic of the original..... yes, that's her bottom, and no, even after i added this extra bit, she still can't sit on her own.... this is where i made my most significant changes to this pattern.

this is the new design.... there is also a small pouch of sand in the bottom... these new ones sit very well on their own, especially on the edge of bookshelves..... here's to hoping that this is enough to balance them out after the addition of wings.....

thanks for reading and i hope to have a finished faerie to show you next time!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

she emerges!!

yes readers, it really has been a while! what have i been up to? well, life's taken a funny turn and i needed some time to deal with that...... but lately i've been working hard at trying to launch something new and special! i'm teaching myself some marketing skills and we'll see where it goes from there!
but that's not the fun stuff: i've been making custom bellydance clothing, reveling in my inner geekdom while designing and decorating my "whoniverse" themed bathroom (and oh yes, there will be a barbie for that bathroom- process pictures and story and all, promise ;), dusting off a few of my old patterns, and generally crafting up a storm!
more fun to come!