Tuesday, August 17, 2010

making faeries, making faeries :D

meet the "rebigulated" faerie i made a couple of years ago. as you can see she used to be very small: she's wearing an acorn cup hat, she apparently found a small knitted piece to make her top out of, and she sewed her skirt herself, complete with a button (see second picture)

i decided to pull out this pattern and tweak it a bit. i plan on making several of these, perhaps not all "rebigulated" but i still like that idea....

this third picture is two blanks i created from the same pattern..... including my changes....

here is one with (untrimmed) hair, ears, and needle sculpted fingers (i'm actually not sure if i like the needle sculpted hands with the simple face.... we shall see)

and here you can see her needle sculpted knees :)

and here's a pic of the original..... yes, that's her bottom, and no, even after i added this extra bit, she still can't sit on her own.... this is where i made my most significant changes to this pattern.

this is the new design.... there is also a small pouch of sand in the bottom... these new ones sit very well on their own, especially on the edge of bookshelves..... here's to hoping that this is enough to balance them out after the addition of wings.....

thanks for reading and i hope to have a finished faerie to show you next time!


  1. thanks hon :) ....i accidentally posted prematurely and am editing this right now..... stay tuned for the *full* post :/

  2. Ok, so now I have more to comment on... one, I think I like the untrimmed hair... it almost seems more wild that way ;) ... and two, you are making faeries that sit on shelves and are cute enough to cuddle... I would just like to remind you that Yule isn't far off, and barring that, my birthday is in April... so, just sayin' ;D