Thursday, November 4, 2010

new couple of critters!

greetings readers!
i'm back again to bring you photos of my newest creations. i know i promised a post weeks and weeks ago, but sadly life had gotten in the way of art and therefore prevented this. fear not, i'm here and can show you two more fair folk.
this first one is a dryad. you can see her wings are sort of leaf like, and her skin has the look of treebark.

this next one i call "moose childe" all started when i bought the yarn that would be his/her (i'm not sure- are you? both male and female moose are antlered....) hair. my husband saw it and immediately said that whoever i made with it needed moose antlers. i decided to take on that challenge, and this little one is the result.

i'm so very proud of these feet! they are kind of a pain to put together, but well worth the effect i think ;) the pattern will definitely come in handy- i see a whole range of antlered/horned and hoofed fair folk in the future :)

thanks for looking!