Monday, October 3, 2011

Cute Kratos

Greetings all,
this one will be a quickie. here's a project i put together a while ago, but haven't gotten around to posting until now. my husband had given me the book creepy cute crochet ( ) a while before and i thought he needed a cute kratos. if you aren't familiar with the character, kratos is the star (an anti- hero if you will) of the video game series god of war (we are both pretty big fans).
for those not familiar, here's what he looks like:

....and here's my cute version (yes, he's sitting on pandora's box from the "ultimate edition" of god of war III ... i told you we were fans ;)

i used the basic head, body and arms from the book and designed everything else myself. he's crocheted out of a light grey yarn (vanna's choice) his implements are all made of felt except for the "chain" on his belt and around his wrists which is embroidery floss. his eyes are black plastic doll eyes

note the stitched on abs here ;)

and a final pic of him with his not-so-cute alter ego

thanks for looking!

i'll be back next week with more killinger escipades ;)


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  1. Aw... I didn't see this one until now! He's adorable! :D