Tuesday, October 18, 2011

building Dr. Killinger part 3: magic murder bag and sundry

greetings! i'm back with another edition of "building dr. killinger.

this time around i'm focusing on the magic murder bag.
here it is in the cartoon:

but first of all i wanted to show you the finished mask. to cover the eye sockets and still be able to see (in the cartoon they are a soft yellow... like they glow) i used a very sheer white fabric from my stash that i colored with a yellow marker (because if i used paint it would clog the holes and reduce visibility and dye won't really take on this polyester- besides, it's such a small piece why dye?)

and here is the final mask after varnishing and gluing the fabric in the eye sockets..

and here's an action shot.... i didn't realize just how creepy it would turn out after i covered the eyeholes.... it looks like i don't have eyes!

ok, as promised the magic murder bag.... this one didn't require much after i tracked down the right bag. that took some doing as i wasn't about to pay for a *real* vintage leather doctor bag especially since i'd have to paint it :/ so i found this amazing vintage bag on etsy for under $30 including shipping!

as you can see there's not a whole lot i'd have to do...

here is the final bag. i blackened the stitching, painted near the zipper to elude to the metal clasps in the original, and added the killinger logo. because i really can't use a stencil to save my life i cut the logo out of some pleather i painted to match the rest of the bag (and all the accessories)

here you can see the 'clasp' better

and i leave you with a glimpse of what we will see next time.... it's almost done!!!!!

thanks so much for looking!
happy haunting,

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  1. Yay!!! I love that bag so much. And the mask is gorgeous! Nice trick with the eye holes, btw. I can't wait to see you in "full costume!"