Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Huldra 2

happy new year readers! 
ok, that might be a little late. i realize that it's almost february, but i've finally worked out the kinks in my system of uploading photos and i can now blog in comfort on my wonderful laptop and not on the big computer that lives in the frozen minnesota basement!   
today i wanted to share with you a doll i made this december.  it was inspired by a doll i created just over a year before.  you can find that post here.  you see, there was a small girl taking a class in which the previous huldra was featured, and she decided that she wanted a huldra for christmas.  her mother, luckily, was able to contact me in time to make this happen!  it's such a delight to be able to fulfill the wishes of a child. 
it's always fascinating to me just how unique these dolls end up being.  yes, i change the colors a bit, change the outfit and such, but they always seem like such specific individuals before i've chosen much but the skin color.   right away i knew that this one would be traditional as well, but in an entirely different way than the previous huldra.


so i made her a bunad, a scandinavian folk costume. 

here you can see her tail as well as her removable apron.

i also added a little jingle in her step.  thinking of reindeer and red and that part of the world.

and here she is both with and without her apron.  i kept a similar hairstyle to the previous huldra, and of course, she needed the cowbell.  it is a part of her heritage after all.  :) 

here's a little close up portrait. note that i'm using different eyes now.  i think these are a wee bit more endearing than the 'pie-eyes' i used previously.  

thank you so much for looking!  i've got some exciting projects to post about, so i'll be back soon.
take care and have a great day!


  1. Sarah, this is absolutely charming! What a lucky girl to have gotten this. I especially love the details, like the cowbell and the bells on her ankle. You're so talented!

  2. Your Huldras are quickly turning one of my favorite things that you do. Er... did I mention I have a thing for tails? ;)